Why do parents choose St. Peters LES for their children?
  • Parents have different reasons, such as smaller student/teacher ratio, loving and caring staff, reasonable tuition, and that it is the school supported by their church. The reason that makes St. Peters LES unique and keeps our students returning is that everything we teach, whether science, social studies, literature is taught from a Christian perspective. God’s Word is the only ultimate truth in this world, so why not use it when teaching government, nature, and social issues? Education is also a joint effort with parents. Therefore we make learning at St. Peters a family experience.

    What Christian perspective is used at St. Peters LES?
  • St. Peters Church and School are part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). All our teachers are WELS members and have been trained at Martin Luther College, our WELS pastor and teacher training school.

    Can families not from St. Peters Congregation enroll their children at St. Peters LES?
  • Most definitely “Yes!” We Exist to Share Christ. Because our school is supported by our congregation, members of St. Peters would receive first priority if space were limited. We have a few requirements to ensure that you, as parents, know what you are getting your child and family into.

    What about the cost? How can I afford a Christian Education for my child?
  • St. Peters Congregation feels strongly about the education of its youth and the effect that will have on the future of our congregation and the world around us. The members have generously supported Christian Education by covering about 75% of the cost of education. Member families will pay $1000 per child and nonmembers $1400. There are lower rates for preschool and there is a sibling discount (see Document Downloads: 2012-13 Tuition Rates)

    What if we still can't afford St. Peters LES?
  • We understand that there are families that truly are in a financial bind regardless of how they rearrange their priorities. We have a Christian Education Endowment Fund (CEEF) available to members of St. Peters. We also have a Tuition Aid Fund available to members and nonmembers alike.

    The public schools have so much more to offer. How can St. Peters LES compete?
  • St. Peters LES strives to provide our students with a variety of avenues to show their academic abilities. These include, but are not limited to Math Meets, Spelling Bees, Forensics Contests, Geography Bees, Academic Showcase, Academic Fair, Plays/Musicals, Lyceums, and Field Trips. We also offer a variety of athletic opportunities such as Volleyball (girls, grades 4-8), Soccer (co-ed, grades K-8), Basketball (boys and girls, grades 3-8), Cheerleading (girls, grades 4-8), Softball (co-ed, grades 5-8), and Track (co-ed, grades 5-8). St. Peters also has a new 25 computer lab and a mobile laptop lab. Our faculty also makes use of SMART Boards in each room. But we offer the one thing needful, to daily sit at our Savior’s feet and learn from Him.