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Bible Study

We grow in our Christian faith through studying the Word of God as he reveals it in the Holy Scriptures.  Join us for classes at St. Peter's throughout the week.  Classes are at varying times to accommodate different schedules.  Most classes run for 4-8 week sessions to provide opportunities to study different topics.

7 Lies about God

Beginning Sunday, April 7 at 8:45 am

Agree or Disagree: “God just wants me to be happy.”

Agree or Disagree: “God helps those who help themselves.”

How many times have you heard these sayings? Despite their catchy, positive appeal, these sayings and others like them have dangerous implications for the Christian’s life.

In this study, we will look statements like these, compare them to the Bible and find the truth.

What you will learn:

A deeper understanding of the Bible and how God’s truth is so much better than “little” sayings.

What you will take home:

You will learn how to respond to false statements about God and find joy in who He truly is for you and your life.


1 God Wants Me to Be Happy

2 God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

3 God Has Made Death a Natural Part of Life

4 A God of Love Wouldn’t Send People to Hell

5 It Doesn’t Matter How God Made the World

6 I Don’t Need the Bible or Worship to Have a Relationship with God

7 God Doesn’t Judge Anyone, and Neither Should You

Class starts on Sunday, April 7 at 8:45am in the Social Hall (conveniently scheduled in between our Sunday morning worship.) Drop off the kids at Sunday School, which meets at the same time, and join us.

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Join Online: If you are not able to attend class in-person, you can join and participate with the class by using Zoom. Sign up on your computer/phone by going to and creating an account. Email Pastor Sauer and he will send you the password to join the meeting (please do so before Sunday mornings). Thank you!

Gospel of James

Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:00 a.m.

Our Breakfast Bible Study is studying the Gospel of James on Wednesday mornings.

Class meets in the Social Hall at St. Peter's and is taught by a rotation of pastors from the Door County Wis Synod Churches.

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